Track and field players need field shoes that provide good traction and support. The GEL-LETHAL(tm) FIELD shoe provides this, as well as good flexibility and grip. The shoe’s outsole is structured to increase traction and flexibility. Its design also allows for easier pivoting and transitions.

Track spikes

If you are new to track and field, you might be confused by the wide range of spikes available. There are entry-level, intermediate, and elite models, each of which is designed for different event disciplines. Beginners should choose an entry-level spike if they are unsure about the specific events they will compete in, or if they are unfamiliar with the proper spike type.

Mesh in field shoes

Field shoes made with mesh fabric are lightweight and breathable. These veldskoen shoes are ideal for long distance walking or for use in rough terrain. You can find mesh field shoes in a variety of colours. A pair of men’s white mesh shoes can be a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Spike plate design

The spike plate design in field shoes is an important factor in the performance of a field shoe. This plate is typically composed of a hard plastic that has a Shore A hardness of 85 to 120. This material is molded into a platform that is approximately one eighth of an inch thick and does not exceed a quarter-inch thick. It is then mounted with plastic spikes. Plastic spikes are very hard and have a very low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Weight of field shoes

Field shoes can vary in weight depending on the activity they are used for. They can be as light as a single pair of sneakers or as heavy as a pair of high-end, racing shoes. The weight of a pair of sneakers can be around two pounds, while the weight of a pair of large boots can be around four to six pounds.


When choosing field shoes, it is important to make sure that they fit properly. A good shoe should fit well around the ball of the foot, with the toes splayed out and a heel drop of at least half an inch. The shoe’s toe box should also be able to accommodate the toes without causing the feet to develop calluses and sores.


Field shoes can last for years if you take care of them properly. They should be made of high-quality materials and fit well around your foot. This will make them comfortable and durable. Also, the soles should be made of material that can withstand rough weather. This is important because throwing events can happen in any weather.


There are a number of different brands of field shoes on the market. One of the best-known is Saucony, which has deep ties to the field and track community. Founded in Boston, one of the world’s meccas for track and field, Saucony is a reputable company that has a great reputation for making quality shoes for athletes. If you’re looking for your first pair of field shoes, you should look no further than Saucony.