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If you are facing tax problems with the IRS, there are many options for assistance. You should seek the help of a qualified Tax Attorney Orange County immediately. The longer you wait to get help, the more fees and penalties are added to your problem.

Vic Abajian is an experienced tax attorney serving Orange County, Irvine, and surrounding areas. He is well known by IRS examiners and tax professionals throughout the nation, and he can help you resolve your tax controversy with the minimum of expense and hassle.

He assists individuals and businesses with a wide range of complex tax problems including civil tax controversies, tax audits, collection issues, back taxes and offshore accounts. He has extensive experience representing taxpayers in criminal investigations and trial advocacy before the Tax Court and Federal District Courts.

His practice focuses on all aspects of civil and criminal tax controversy resolution. He has successfully handled hundreds of audits and trials in state and federal court. He has also assisted thousands of clients with theirĀ Tax Attorney Orange County and other tax matters. He is an expert in international taxation and has assisted clients with disclosing foreign bank accounts.

Whether you are in business, are an individual or own real estate, you may be subject to property tax assessments. He can assist you in appealing your assessment and obtaining the relief you need from excessive property taxes. He understands the complicated procedures involved in defending against property tax liens and levy actions and can provide the representation you need to protect your assets.

If you are a resident of Orange County or Irvine, and need to work with a Tax Attorney, we are available for consultations at your home or office or online via Zoom. Our firm was established as an alternative to overpriced law firms and disreputable tax resolution companies. We are comprised of veteran lawyers with years of IRS and U.S. Tax Court experience resolving complex tax controversy and collection cases.

We can lower your tax liability, stop levys and wage garnishments, release tax liens, file delinquent returns and negotiate with the IRS to settle your debt. We can also advise you about filing for an Offer in Compromise or a streamlined installment agreement. If you need an experienced tax lawyer, contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Board Certified Tax Attorney.

Prior to hiring a Orange County Tax Attorney, it is important to verify the qualifications and licenses of that person or firm. You can check licensing and other information on the California Bar Association website, or by contacting your local bar association directly. It is also a good idea to ask potential tax attorneys questions about their experience, education, and background before deciding to hire them. Also, be sure to check for any disciplinary action. A tax attorney who has been disciplined by the State Bar of California will not be able to represent you effectively.

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