Kitchen hood cleaning is a very important part of running a restaurant

Kitchen hood cleaning is a very important part of running a restaurant. Clean hoods will help promote a safe environment, and will keep your hood in good working order. It is also important to remember that if your hood is not properly maintained, you can create a fire hazard. In most jurisdictions, a hood cleaning must be performed every semi-annually, although special circumstances may require an annual cleaning.

During a standard hood cleaning, the hood box, filters, and grease traps should be removed and cleaned. This will ensure that all areas of the hood are properly cleaned, as well as remove any flammable buildup from the interior surfaces. The hood itself should be scrubbed with a mild detergent solution and a soft-bristle brush. Once the hood is clean, a separate towel should be used to dry the interior of the hood.

If the hood is a wall-mounted or roof-mounted fan, the base, shroud, and fans must be detached and cleaned. The fan blades should be rinsed with warm water and soapy water. Alternatively, the fan can be turned off and the pilot lights can be turned back on. Afterward, the fan should be dried thoroughly.

Hood cleaning services are provided by professional cleaning companies. These companies will work with you to develop a schedule that will meet your needs. Typically, a cleaning company will give you a quote for the service by the hour. Their rates will depend on the frequency of the cleaning, the size of the kitchen, and the number of hoods and fans. Depending on the size of your kitchen, the hood cleaning process could take three to four hours.

Before the hood cleaning process begins, you should prepare the hood, exhaust fan, and grease traps. You can do this by pouring the contents of the grease cups into a separate container. When the hood has been cleaned, you can then reattach the hood fans.

If your restaurant uses self-cleaning hoods, then you will need to schedule periodic maintenance. In fact, most restaurants will be able to get away with a quarterly schedule for cleaning. However, if you have a lot of food being cooked, you might want to have a more frequent cleaning.

Using a hood cleaning service is a great way to make sure that Hood Cleaning your hood is in good working order. Professional hood cleaning companies will use hot water power washing to rid your hood of excess grease buildup. They will then vacuum and polish your hood until it shines. Aside from cleaning, they will check for any vibrations and ensure that your fans are functioning as they should.

Keeping your hood in good working order is crucial to the safety of your employees and your customers. Having a regular inspection and maintenance program can save your business from a disaster. Also, you will have proof of your compliance with local fire codes. Getting a hood cleaning sticker will show your fire inspector when it is time to have your hood cleaned.