How Winsulator Technologies Can Save You Money

For over 40 years, Winsulator Technologies has helped clients overcome the inefficiencies of old windows with their magnetic secondary glazing inserts. This product creates a thermal and acoustic barrier to reduce energy costs and noise. As a result, Winsulator users enjoy lower heating and cooling bills and greater comfort.

Reduces harmful UV rays

UV rays are the main cause of sunburn and most skin cancers. They are particularly harmful to the skin when you are outside during the day. There are many things you can do to minimize exposure to the sun. You can choose to stay indoors during the day, or wear clothing that can block out UV rays.

The sun emits two types of UV radiation: UVA and UVB. The first type, UVA, is the weakest type of UV radiation, and is not very powerful. It cannot penetrate deeper than the top layers of the skin. It is responsible for the instant tanning effect, and also contributes to the aging process and the development of skin cancer. However,  Energy efficient windows the more intense UVB rays can also cause skin cancer.

Reduces air infiltration

Air infiltration is a problem caused by penetrations in the building envelope. These openings include windows, doors, wiring, plumbing and ducts. Properly sealed walls and attics help limit air infiltration. They also improve air quality and reduce energy bills. Winsulator Technologies has developed a solution that effectively reduces air infiltration through a series of innovative and proven products.

Winsulator Technologies’ Green Alternative Retrofit Window is a magnetically sealed, virtually invisible retrofit window that enhances the look of existing windows. As an added benefit, it dramatically reduces air infiltration, helps reduce harmful UV rays and extends the life of expensive HVAC systems.

Reduces noise

Winsulator Technologies reduces noise in buildings and confined spaces using a novel method. These techniques use platelets, foams and membranes to absorb high-intensity noise at its source. This technology can be used across a variety of sectors, including construction sites, factories and hotels.

Using a proprietary clear acrylic panel, Winsulator Technologies affixes magnetically to an existing window. This unique product blocks up to 95 percent of harmful UV rays and reduces outside noise by 60 percent. South Sun Energy Conservations is the manufacturer of Winsulator Technologies.