Drug Rehab Charlotte NC – What to Look For in Inpatient and Outpatient Programs

If you’re looking for a reliable drug rehab in Charlotte NC, there are a few places you can look for. We’ve written about New Beginnings Treatment Center, Kade Behavioral, Dove’s Nest, and Daymark Recovery Services. While these are all great options, you may also be wondering how each differs from one another. Here’s what to look for in each program. The difference between an inpatient and outpatient program is very important.

New Beginnings Treatment Center

The goal of New Beginnings Treatment Center drug rehab Drug Rehab Charlotte NC Charlotte NC is to give the people who are battling substance abuse the best possible start. Through its therapeutic approach, the center aims to provide the comfort and security needed for recovery. Additionally, it wants to serve as a support system for the community. In addition to providing treatment for substance abuse disorders, the center also offers DWI services and individual counseling. To learn more about the various programs offered at New Beginnings Treatment Center, read on!

Kade Behavioral

The mission of Kade Behavioral Drug Rehab Charlotte NC is to provide quality, comprehensive treatment to individuals suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. The program staff is committed to ensuring each client’s safety and comfort during the detox process and subsequent withdrawal symptoms. Residents benefit from group therapy sessions where they can share their experiences with others. A customized addiction regimen plan helps clients continue their recovery after they have left the facility. There are a number of ways to find treatment in Charlotte NC.

Daymark Recovery Services

When looking for a quality drug rehab in Charlotte NC, it is important to look at a program like Daymark Recovery Services. This treatment center offers a holistic approach to treatment. Daymark serves residents in 28 counties across the state. As a result, its staff is highly trained in addiction treatment and is committed to helping those in need. The drug rehab Charlotte NC facility offers a holistic approach to care and provides hope to those who are struggling with addiction.

Dove’s Nest

The Dove’s Nest Drug Rehab Charlotte program is designed specifically for women. Upon admission, patients are encouraged to attend faith-based classes, 12-step meetings, and daily Bible study. They are treated by certified clinicians. The program began in 1992 with a 12-bed facility and has since expanded to 120 beds. It is affiliated with Rebound, a charity organization founded in 1938. Before the introduction of COVID-19, the facility housed 90-100 women and their children.

Carolina Suboxone Treatment Center

At the Carolina Suboxone Treatment Center, drug addicts are offered compassionate treatment for their addictions to narcotics. They undergo medication-assisted treatment and are prescribed Suboxone to alleviate symptoms of withdrawal and reduce cravings. Besides the medication, patients are offered group and individual therapy sessions and classes that will help them maintain sobriety. A certified counselor will work with each individual patient and help them develop an individualized treatment plan.