Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Failure

If you’re looking for a commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning service in Ottawa, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find information on OMNI Canada, Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, and Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning. These services are essential to keeping your establishment healthy and safe.

OMNI Canada

OMNI Canada is a Canadian company that manufactures code related products for the exhaust cleaning industry. Its president, Alex McLaughlin, has been involved in the IKECA for the past 8 years, serving as the Acting Canadian chapter president for 4 years. He works with other members and is a good resource for current industry news and information.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

If your business uses a commercial kitchen exhaust system, you should consider having it cleaned regularly. This will help ensure NFPA 96 compliance and will keep your food and employees safer. Ottawa Hood Cleaning provides professional commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services for restaurants, hotels, jails, and cafeterias. They will also provide you with a free written hood cleaning estimate.

Cleaning your exhaust system is crucial to keep it running at optimum performance. Grease builds up inside the system and can catch fire. Regular cleaning can help keep your kitchen exhaust system free from harmful grease buildup.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

If your hood isn’t keeping up with your restaurant’s standards, it might be time to call a professional. Professionals in Ottawa Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning can help keep your restaurant up-to-code by providing thorough hood maintenance. Regular cleaning is an excellent way to avoid costly repairs.

Professional hood cleaners use special equipment and are trained to handle grease safely. They also understand the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance for theĀ Ottawa Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning health of your restaurant’s kitchen. Regular cleanings will not only ensure a safe work environment but can also extend the life of your exhaust system.

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems can fail in a variety of ways. Some kitchen exhaust systems are poorly designed, without proper access doors, and are built too close to heat sources, leading to structural problems. A poorly designed exhaust system can lead to catastrophic failure and cost a lot of money in structural repairs. It can even destroy a business.

If you own a commercial kitchen, you should have your exhaust system inspected and cleaned annually. Failure to do so increases the risk of fire. During the cleaning process, you should check the hood, ductwork above the hood, and the outlet on the roof. If you are unsure of whether your exhaust system needs to be cleaned, ask a professional to do a thorough inspection.

Fire Risk from dirty hoods

To help reduce the risk of fire, kitchens need to have clean exhaust hoods that are easy to clean. The hoods should have internal and external joints that are tightly sealed. They should also contain grease troughs or drip pans and an approved collection system. The hoods should also have a noncombustible construction, with the hood being at least 18 inches above combustible surfaces. To protect against fire, hoods should be constructed of steel or stainless steel with a minimum thickness of 0.0466 inches or 0.0335 inches.

A recent NFPA study showed that nearly 8,000 restaurant fires are reported each year, causing $246 million in property damage. Restaurant owners lose an estimated $50 million annually because of these fires. A dirty hood and ductwork are the top cause of commercial kitchen fires. They can result in expensive repairs and even the temporary closure of a restaurant.