Top Benefits of Flap Barrier Gates

Flap Barrier Gates

Flap Barrier Gates are an excellent choice for a variety of traffic needs. They have a short opening time, fast response time, and multiple photoelectric sensors to detect entry in real time. As a result, they prevent pinching and unauthorized entry. And they are easy to control. Listed below are the top benefits of Flap Barrier Gates.

Infrared anti-pinch function

Flap barrier gates are equipped with an anti-pinch function that uses infrared radiation to detect human body heat. The infrared sensor has three important functions: anti-pinch, anti-tailing, and counting. Each flap barrier gate generally has six pairs of infrared sensors. Other useful features include self-reporting fault prompt, automatic opening and closing when the gate is powered off, and an illegal intrusion alarm.

The anti-pinch function of flap barrier gates works with a swipe card. If a card is inserted into the reader, the flap barrier will automatically stop closing its wings. This setting can be triggered for a few seconds or even a second. The default setting is one second.

Easy to control

Flap barriers are useful for large areas where thereĀ Flap Barrier Gates is a large flow of people. They are smooth, stable and quiet. They are ideal for controlling traffic flow and preventing strangers from entering your building. There are several different types of flap barriers, each designed for specific situations. These types of barriers can be installed in a residential or business setting.

These barriers have a retractable flap that can be opened and closed as needed. They can be installed in a single or multiple-lane array, and can work in conjunction with swing gates to provide low-to-medium security for pedestrian entrance control. They are also compatible with all types of access control systems.

Quick response

Quick response flap barrier gates are used in a wide range of applications. They provide rapid access and control pedestrian movement. These gates are made with high-quality production to ensure a smooth product even under the most intensive use. They can be used at airports, colleges and IT parks. They also offer anti-pinch and anti-tailing functions.

The quick response flap barrier gate is made with multiple sets of photoelectric sensors. These sensors detect entry in real time. This prevents pinching of the users and unauthorized access. It also records authorized IN/OUT transactions.


Flap barrier gates are used in many places. They can be found at airports, metro stations, and railway stations. They are also used in office buildings, stadiums, and clubhouses. They offer a high level of security and reliability. They are also extremely quiet and smooth.

Flap barrier gates are ideal for high-traffic areas because they allow for the control of pedestrian flow. They can be used to control access to public transport facilities or pay toilets, adding an extra level of security to prevent unwanted intrusions. These gates can also integrate with biometric systems.


To ensure the smooth operation of your flap barrier gates, it’s important to regularly clean them. Clean them daily, and you’ll be sure to extend their life. Check the driver board, wiring points, and connecting lines to ensure they are free of corrosion and tightened properly. Replace any worn parts or weak solder reinforcement.

The provision and use of work equipment regulation (PUWER) requires that powered machinery must be serviced on a regular basis. Not only does this prolong the system’s lifespan and increase its reliability, but it also ensures its safety. For this reason, a flap turnstile’s safety systems must be compliant with a number of standards. They must also have features that facilitate pedestrian use and prevent falls.