LEAP Properties – A Review of a Small Real Estate Company

Leap Properties is a small company with one location in Grinnell, Iowa. The company has been operating for six years, and has a staff of four. While the company isn’t exactly a household name, it’s been in the game for long enough to get the best of the best deals on properties and land to boot. It’s a no-nonsense, no-frills business that doesn’t require a dime in commissions to close a deal.

There’s a reason the LEAP tower has garnered a number of awards in the real estate community. This small company makes the best use of its resources, maximizing efficiency at every turn. They’re also on the cutting edge when it comes to innovative advertising and marketing techniques. To boot, they’re also the best in class when it comes to service. That’s why they’re ranked the top dog amongst their peers. For starters, they’re always the first to hear about any new properties in town. As such, they’re constantly updating their inventory. In the past few years, the company has added about a dozen properties to their stable, and in some cases, completely renovated or completely redesigned existing properties to improve their chances of success.

Leap Properties’s most recent acquisitions have spawned a flurry of activity in the town, and the company has been on a tear in the last year. From the numbers tally, the company has brought in $94,978 in gross revenue in the last twelve months, more than double what they were a year ago. With LEAP Properties LLC a little forward thinking, this small company can continue to grow and take its place in the big leagues.

If you’re considering listing your abode on the market, do your research before you sign the dotted line. In the end, you may well come out ahead of the pack. It’s a good thing there are several high end boutique firms specializing in this arena. Getting a good deal isn’t all that hard, after all. The best part is you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor without the hassles of the typical real estate agent. Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord or property investor, the smarts of a qualified brokerage can be found at your fingertips. For an overview of the top firms in your neighborhood, head over to your local MLS. Or call and talk with one of their sales representatives. They are also more than happy to recommend a few companies based on your particular needs. With a few simple questions and a few hard facts, your local sleuths should be able to tell you the good from the bad.