Earn Cash For Test Strips

cash for test strips

You can earn cash by selling your old test strips. There are several companies that offer to buy your used test strips in exchange for a small amount of cash. Some of them even cover shipping costs. However, if you’re not local, you can try selling your old strips through a site like Cash for Test Strips. It is free and easy. All you have to do is send them the old ones. They’ll pay you for them within a day!

If you’re looking for cash for your old test strips, you can sell them online. eBay is the best option for selling old test strips. These websites will give you cash for test strip boxes and will pay you ten to twelve dollars per hundred. They can also help you if you’re patient enough to wait. If you’re ready to put in some time, you can list your old test strips on eCommerce websites. These sites can help you make some extra cash for your old test strips.

You can also look for a service that pays cash for test strips. This is the easiest way to earn cash for test strips online. Some companies even offer free shipping when you buy at least ten boxes. These companies can help you earn money by recycling your used strips. There’s no reason not to try them out. You’ll be glad you did. Just remember to check the payment details carefully and be sure to get the cash you deserve!

Test Strip Buyers is another website that pays cash for test strips. These companies will buy your old testing strips and lancets and pay you real cash for them. They also offer a $10 sign-up bonus and you can earn up to $90 per box of test strips. These sites are one of the most reliable and safest sources of bonus cash for diabetics. You can sell your old test strips to get the extra money you need.

Cash for test strips is an easy way to make money by selling your extra test strips. Many companies have been in the business for more than a decade, and you can use your old strips for cash. You’ll be able to earn up to $90 for each box. You can get up to $100 for a hundred boxes of strips. If you’re in the market for cash for your used test supplies, try Cash for Test Strips.

eBay is another option for selling your used strips. You can sell these items for ten to twelve dollars per 100 strips. If you have enough strips to wait for pickup, you can sell them for more. You can also sell them through eCommerce websites. The only downside to this method is that it takes weeks for buyers to find you. The best cash for test strips site is one that pays you cash in your local area. You can choose the one that is most convenient for you.